Our Partners:

Mission Statement
The mission of Slate Inc (Supporting Local Artist of Film Through Empowerment) is to provide a platform for emerging media artists to share their work and further develop their media skills. 

A Brief History
In 2010 Slate was formed out of a group of Inland Empire Filmmakers who sought to bridge the divides among the talents of emerging artists in the Inland Empire and those doors we all seek to break down in Hollywood and beyond. In 2012 we officially were granted our 501c3 status. Since 2010, Slate  has conducted panels on various phases of filmmaking. Slate ran two international film festivals based in Redlands California. Also, Slate runs workshops teaching basics of pre-production, production, and post. Recently Slate began a project in 2017 to document through films, the connection of local cities of the Inland Empire and their craft breweries, this is known as the “Inland Empire Film and Beer Project.” Slate also supports other education programs such as the Inland Empire Media Academy and Desert Sands Unified School District Career and Technical Education programs.  Slate will continue to provide opportunities for emerging artists to exhibit their films and network with other artisans in the filed of film and media. 

Supporting Local artists of film through empowerment, inc.